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Over 90% success rate for neuropathy in feet!

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Improved sensation



Reduced pain



Reduced fall risk


97% Improved sensation

o 97% of patients reported improved sensation

o Average sensory improvement- 65%

92% Reduction of pain

o       92% of patients experienced pain reduction

o       Average pain reduction- 60%

90% reduced fall risk

o       90% of patients reported reduced fall risk

o       Average balance improvement-85%

ongoing use:

Improves Balance

Fewer Falls
Pain Reduction
Increased quality of life

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studies and clinical reviews

Symptomatic Reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients with Diabetes Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Patients obtained significant improvement in tactile foot sensation after receiving 12   treatments over 4 weeks.  The authors further reported medically meaningful increases in temperature discrimination.

Improvement of Sensory Impairment in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy . Endocrine Practice.


The authors documented medically important improvements in nerve function in patients who received 10   treatments delivered over 2 weeks.

Restoration of Sensation, Reduced Pain, and Improved Balance in Subjects with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy; A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study Diabetes Care .


Increased foot sensation, decreased foot and leg pain and improved balance were documented in patients who were exposed to 12   treatments delivered over 4 weeks.  

Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy and Physical Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy: Influence on Sensation, Balance and Falls Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy.


The authors reported improved foot sensation, increased balance and fewer actual falls based on pre and post protocol evaluations.  Patients received 12   treatments followed by physical therapy.

Reversal of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and New Wound Incidence:  The Role of MIRE Advances in Skin & Wound Care .


Patients reported improved foot sensation and reduced incidence of diabetic foot wounds after self treating with   at home for an average of 1 year.

Improved Sensitivity in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy:  Effects of Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Patients who received   treatments experienced dramatic improvements in foot sensitivity.  

Improved Foot Sensitivity and Pain Reduction in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy after Treatment with Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy-MIRE TMJournal of Diabetes and Its Complications .


Patients treated with   therapy obtained more than a 66% improvement after in foot sensitivity.  Likewise, foot and leg pain decreased 67% after treatments.


Effectiveness of Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy and Physical Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy:  Changes in Sensation, Pain and Balance – A Multi-Center Chart Review Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics.


An receiving an average of 18 Anodyne  treatments, patients reported medically significant improvements in foot sensation and balance as well as decreased foot and leg pain. 

Reversal of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy with Photo Therapy (MIRE TM) Decreases Falls and the Fear of Falling, and Improves Activities of Daily Living in Seniors.  Age and Ageing .


After an average of 9 months of home use of the Boot Therapy System , patients reported reduced pain, decreased fear of falling (and number of falls) and improvements in activities of daily living.


Infrared Photo Energy May Reduce Neuropathic Pain. Practical Pain Management.


The authors reported that patients who received treatments obtained significant decreases in foot/leg pain and reduced reliance on oral pain medications used for neuropathic pain.

Monochromatic Infrared Photo Energy in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.

International Scholarly Research Network  (ISRN) Rehabilitation.

Patients who received 12 physical therapy sessions that included treatments reported significant reductions in pain as well as improvements in foot sensation.  These results were meaningfully greater than changes in patients who received identical physical therapy but not receive   treatment.

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